Ripley Arts Centre

Ripley Summer Exhibition 2015

A venue with which I have long been associated.
This is an excellent arts centre, based in Bromley, Kent, (housed within a Victorian building, overlooking beautiful grounds) with a varied programme of exhibitions and concerts, as well as a perfect venue for special occasions: weddings, parties, conferences etc.
The venue also hosts a regular Garden Party/Fun day every August.
I first exhibited here in 2008, and was sufficiently taken to apply for Affiliate Membership of the Bromley Arts Council (the governing body of the Arts Centre.) This was granted in September of that year and I have continued to exhibit there since, both on a solo basis and as part of the Affiliates’ summer exhibition.
(It was also the setting of my solo concerts, A Sense of Space and Shifting Focus.)
Keen to be involved in a more active way, I began to help out at the aforementioned Garden Parties on a voluntary basis. This continued for several years, until I became a part-time staff member in 2013.
As such, this splendid venue is what I like to describe as my “artistic home".

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